Appropriate Age for Makeup For Girls


I get this question asked all the time, “At what age are you going to let Aubrey wear makeup?” Well it depends. I believe the best way to have her start using makeup is taking the process in baby steps.  First I have to see what her reasons for wanting to wear makeup are.  Don’t want her to do it just because everyone else is doing it, or to impress a boy because I hope I am able to install in her that she is beautiful without makeup as well.

My mother was a strict mom and I was not allowed to wear makeup until I was 18 but in reality I started with lipstick when I was about 15.  Sorry mom the truth is out.  I remember it perfectly, it was a Revlon Berry color lipstick in a green tube and yes, I “borrowed” it from her.  I remember I just wanted to wear a little color like my best friend at the time.  Then slowly throughout the years I started adding more steps, powder(when I started getting acne), mascara, shadow, and on special occasions some blush.  I think that is as far as I went because think about it…I had to wipe it off before I got home.


Bless my mother, but sometimes she was just too strict.  For that reason I made a lot of mistakes and now that I get to go through the same process with my girls, I hope we make better decisions on things.  I do hope to install some sort of safe zone so that they feel comfortable coming to me when they need something; makeup being one of them.


Yes I let her play with makeup at age 2 and she loves her makeup but I never let her go out of the house with it on.  She knows it is just for fun and only mommy can wear it out.  She does wear her “lips” or chap-stick out though.  So to answer that question once and for all, I think it will just depend on their maturity rather than their age.  If both my husband and I think it is appropriate to wear some makeup then I will take them myself and pick the right makeup for each one.  One important thing my husband brought up while we discussed this was that if they want to start wearing makeup because of skin problems then we would try to take care of their skin first, instead of trying to hide the problem and couldn’t agree more.  To me both my girls will forever be my babies and will always be beautiful with or without makeup.



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  1. betzy cuellar says:

    To adorable!

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