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Summer is right around the corner…well not really but I am sure treating it that way.  Recently I have made a change in my life which includes daily workouts and eating a bit more healthy.  “But you’re so skinny!”  This is always what I get from people and yes I hate it with a passion.  I honestly DON’T want to lose any weight, it is actually really hard for me to keep it on but really easy to loose it.  So I really have to up my calories when I workout.  I am not following any diet per say, but I am starting to try to opt for healthier options and taking out a few unhealthy items from my current diet.  I just want to feel healthy and confident with my body which is something I have always struggled with most of my life.

This workout thing is a struggle at times for some of us moms, when you have two little ones running/crawling around 24/7.  Trust me it is not easy but it is doable. Sometimes I have to wait for nap time or just use my baby as a weight.  No excuses!  So far I’ve been trying out a few workout videos and finally found one I really enjoy; Autumn Calabrese, 21 Day Fix Extreme.  Yes, I want to look like her one day…and yes I will get there!  Let’s keep a positive attitude here.  It’s a 21 day workout but I honestly can only do weekdays, so I do skip the weekends and just pick up where I left off when I come back.  This workout literally works out every single part of your body which is something I really like and Autumn is just so encouraging.

Yes, I want a lean six-pack, cut arms, tone legs but my focus at the moment is to loose the baby gut that remains from my last pregnancy and just maybe lift a thing or two.  It will be frustrating at times, and there will be a lot of unhealthy food temptation. I know it will probably take a long time to see the results I want but at the end it is all in the power of the mind and it doesn’t matter what type of workout you decide to do, but the important thing is to just start somewhere.  Right?  At the end it will be all worth it!



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  1. betzy cuellar says:

    Si se puede!

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