Fashion Do’s and Don’ts For an Interview!

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They say the first impression is always what people remember about you when they first meet you, so you want to make sure you stand out from everyone else during an interview.  I have conducted several interviews in my career and trust me, I have seen it all.  I always seem to remember those people who I can associate something they were wearing, for example, “the girl with the cute scarf.”  So, here are just a couple of do’s and don’ts that I see out there and hopefully help you score that professional job you want.

Do Not:

    • wear jeans (no jeans means no jean items)
    • boots with the furr aka Uggs
    • over the top high heals you cannot walk in; if you can walk normal in them go for it girl.
    • sleeveless or spaghetti strap shirts-do not look professional
    • show to much cleavage (not the place to show your girls)
    • mini skirts or dresses


    • suits-some people can pull off a matching suit but if you cant, try some cute slacks, skirt with a cute blazer
    • accessorize- a cute little broach, scarf, necklace, and earrings but do not over do it.
    • use color- most everyone I interviewed wore black.  Try some color; a red shirt to stand out but try to avoid neon colors.
    • dresses- not a lot of people wear dresses so this might be something the employer might remember.
    • use a cute clutch instead of your everyday huge bag
    • beauty: make sure your nails are neat, hair is comb, try to keep makeup in the nude tones but hey no problem with using a red lipstick, and don’t forget brush your pearly whites

Just remember to dress appropriate for the industry you are seeking a job in.  Doing some of the above do’s will make you look more serious about the position.  Just remember to be you because that’s who they will be working with.  Remember the person who is interviewing might be as nervous as you are so try to relax…confidence is the key.


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