Easy Beach Waves In Three Easy Steps

If you are anything like me, time is never on your side.  I’m always either running late or have my girls pulling on my leg in the bathroom while I try to get ready.  So I’m always trying to do my hair as fast as I can and try to do hairstyles that will allow me to keep my hair unwashed for a couple days.  My favorite being beach waves.  They just look so effortless, cute, and put together at the same time.

Step One:

One trick that I have used to keep the curl in place is spraying some hairspray all over my hair before curling.  I allow for it to dry and then I comb through it with my paddle brush(very important that it is completely dried before you brush through).

Step Two:

Part your hair in half.  Taking different size sections of hair(You can section it if it is easier for you), take the barrel upside down and start rolling your hair away from your face, leaving about an inch to an inch and a half of hair uncurled on the ends .  I see a lot of people starting from the bottom up but I like to actually start from the top and work myself down.  As  I am curling I flip my curl the opposite way.  “Why?” you might be asking.  Well, this adds a little volume to my roots without having to tease that much at the end.  Before flipping back down I spray just a bit of hairspray on the root.

Step Three:

Run your fingers through the roots.  Depending on how define my curl ends up I usually try not to brush through as the curl will start to separate and fall on itself.  This will also allow you to keep your curls for a couple of days without having to put heat through your hair again.  Just spray a little hairspray and you are done!

Hope this will allow you to head out the door in 3…2…1!

Items used:

Loreal Elnett Hairspray

Conair Paddle Brush (similar)

Conair 2in Wand



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