Family Time With Coca-Cola® at WinCo

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The holidays are officially here and its one of the most busiest seasons of the year for our family.  WinCo Deli Pizza, along side a refreshing COCA-COLA® makes it so easy for us to spend more time together.  We always try to make sure we set aside some time for ourselves, even though we have those hectic days of shopping, Christmas parties, and everything that comes with the holidays.  During this time when everyone seems to be so busy, spending that quality time with your family is so priceless. After all it is what the holidays are all about.  One of the ways we have made this work is through setting aside Friday’s as our pizza night and family time.

When we think about the holidays, we think cozy nights, watching movies, playing games, and eating pizza with a refreshing Coca-Cola.  What better way to have fun than with the ones we love.  We choose pizza not only because we love it but because it saves time from cooking a meal. Considering how busy we all are, this is something we look forward to as a family every single week.  We know that having WinCo Deli Pizza will not only taste great but it will allow us to spend more time interacting with each other; doing what we love best.  WinCo Deli Pizza is ready in just a few minutes, saving us a lot of time out of the kitchen.  Of course we cant have pizza without a Coca-Cola because no matter how you slice it, pizza tastes better with Coca-Cola.

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We always follow up our pizza and Coca-Cola with a fun dessert.  Here is a fun little holiday dessert, Candy Cane Pudding Cups.  We love making these together as a family as well.  They are simple and easy  to put together.


  • Vanilla pudding
  • Candy canes
  • Brownie


  1. Place a layer of pudding on the bottom of your cup.
  2. Add a layer of brownie on top of the first layer of pudding.
  3. Crush about 3-4 candy canes.  Place a layer of the crushed candy cane on top of the brownie.
  4. Add one more layer of pudding on top of brownie.
  5. Top it off with crushed candy cane sprinkles.
  6. If desired add a candy cane for decoration.

Family time is something I cherish very deeply and making it easier on myself and family during meal time is something we all love.  Coca-Cola and WinCo deli pizza allows us to spend more time together bonding as a family.

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38 comments so far.

38 responses to “Family Time With Coca-Cola® at WinCo”

  1. Nina Lewis says:

    That pizza looks delicious and everything goes down well with a Coca Cola. Your desert, brownie with mint cane looks right up my alley. thank you for sharing!

  2. We love pizza, and have pizza night every Friday night. I love how simple it is to throw one together.

  3. Amber Myers says:

    Awesome! I just love my Diet Coke. I have it daily. I love pizza nights as well!

  4. Megan says:

    I don’t usually drink soda but when I do it’s definitely Coca Cola! It’s even better with pizza night!

  5. I love the sound of your family time , can you adopt me so we can eat pizza together haha?! I love pizza and its great that you had lots of cola too. The dessert is so festive I love it x

  6. Claudia Krusch says:

    I always make sure I am stocked up on Coke products. I will have to make these Candy Cane Pudding Cups. They look so delicious and easy to make. I am sure they will be a big hit.

  7. Jen Walker says:

    Your layered dessert looks so easy to make but still so delicious! We’re not really a pop family around here, although I do occasionally enjoy a coca cola made in Mexico with real sugar.

  8. Soonjoo says:

    Coca Cola sounds really good with pizza! And if you have homemade dessert ready that will make my day! Yum!

  9. Helen says:

    I love the Candy Cane Pudding Cup! I love that in spite of your hectic and busy schedule you still spent quality time with your family. And I agree Coca cola is really good with pizza!

  10. Ruth Bloch says:

    Dessert looks yum!!!!

  11. These pudding cups sound delicious. I think they would be a perfect treat to make for Christmas Eve. 🙂

  12. Brandi says:

    Nothing beats an ice cold Coke! Especially when you can celebrate with family around the holidays!

  13. I love the pudding cups! I need to try it some time!


  14. I love coke zero! best invention ever! i love these pudding cakes! wanna do them now!

  15. Erin Sluka says:

    What a fun and festive post. I have to say that Coca Cola makes a counter appearance for our entertaining nights

  16. I love Coca Cola. I always kept in the house for so many years. I think it is great to make desserts like ice cream floats.

  17. This candy cane pudding cup looks so yummy! I want to try making it. I know my kids are going to like it.

  18. Masha says:

    Miss Fely, que deliciosa receta nos haz compartido. Pudding, Brownies y Caramelo, es una combiinación exitosa….junto con la coca cola.
    Besos amiga

  19. I love this pudding idea! It’s something I can try to make with the kids. Easy enough for them 🙂

  20. I spent a year in California and Winco was my favorite place. We had those pizzas more times than I could count. I wish we had them on the east coast. There is nothing like them.

  21. Pizza in combination with Coke is a must.

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