Embarrassing Fashion Moments

We all have had a fashion disaster, mishap, or in simpler words, embarrassing fashion moment.  Whether its been toilet paper on your heels, your skirt tucked into your undies, wearing that white shirt that is see through once it hits the sun, not noticing your blouse was un-buttoned and flashing your friends around, having your leather pants ripping in the buttocks area or simply forgetting to zip that pant zipper.

I find it funny how most people around you wont even let you know when there is something wrong.  I don’t know if it’s embarrassing for them or what, but honestly imagine how embarrassing it will be for the person who is showing their undies all day feels when they find out for themselves and knowing you didn’t tell them about it.

So do you tell them or not?  What is the correct way going about a situation like this whether you are the “victim” or the “witness.”  Of course if you are the person going through this situation just try to handle it in the most discrete way.  If you happen to be in front of someone else just try to make it a funny oops and smile.  They probably wont remember in 10 minutes anyways.  Now, if you are the “witness” be kind and don’t yell it out for the world to know that poor girl forgot to zip her pant zipper but try to be as discrete as possible.  If necessary take the person the side or slip them a quick note if there are too many people around.  TRUST me they will most certainty thank you a billion times for saving them from further embarrassment.

One embarrassing moment that happened to me a few months back, happened on an very windy day. I was going to a Pop Up Shop Event and I decided to wear a cute maxi skirt.  Now, you must be asking yourself, “Why wear a skirt on a windy day.” right?  Well leaving my house it was not windy at all, so I thought nothing of it.  As I was walking to the event my skirt kept flairing up but I was able to hold it down.  Now a strong wind suddenly blew and wooops I had my Marilyn Monroe moment but I actually flashed my undies to two guys sitting in the outside area eating lunch.  I felt my blood flush to my face immediately.  I was sooo embarrassed but I just smiled and kept walking just a little faster, not looking back.


What has been your embarrassing moment or have you seen something?  Most importantly what did you do?


Miss Fely <3


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7 responses to “Embarrassing Fashion Moments”

  1. Alex Tabar says:

    When one button of your shirt gets open and you show your boos to everyone without even realizing it. For me, that’s the worst! 😛

  2. Danay says:

    I was at a restaurant with my family once and came out of the bathroom with my skirt tucked into my pantyhose. It turned into a story for years, and I still laugh at how ridiculous I must have looked.

  3. Cute post! I hate when you sit down and your undies show. I’m always super aware of that! Ive done the fly open while you walk around one.. ughh! Or I left my house not realizing I dropped toothpaste or food on my clothes. I think it’s also funny when we wear our clothes inside out.

  4. Masha says:

    uy me ha pasado un montón. Lactando y nadie me decía que mi blusa estaba mojada (en plena junta)….salir con zapato negro y uno marino (jaja esa si es mi culpa) y no poder regresar a casa.

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