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All that know Aubrey, my little 3 year old, know how girly girl she is.  Loves her “lips” aka chapstick, dresses, and if you give her a dollar, unlike many children who say they will use it to buy ice cream, she will say she is going to buy makeup with it!  Little miss diva in the making.  Well one thing she loves to do with mommy is paint her nails.  Oh boy does she get excited doing her nails with mommy.  Only thing is that sometimes she does get a little messy.

Of course like most moms I am concerned about her inhaling some of the chemicals that go along with doing your nails and such.  I have most of the time tried to buy her some of the nail polishes that are non toxic, odorless, and natural.  Which is great right, until you have to take it off and you have to use that harsh acetone with all the nasty chemicals.  So what was the point of buying her those safe nail polishes in the first place?

Well I was so happy to have run into a nail polish remover by Glam Rock Nails at the We All Grow Conference I went to.  It is the Soy Polish Remover that not only is non toxic, odorless and natural, but also cruelty free and vegan + contains vitamins!  It is so amazing to know there is a product I can use on her without exposing her to a toxic environment and compromising her health.  She was so happy she was able to take the nail polish off herself instead of mommy and said, “No stinky mommy!”  Curious little thing tried so hard to smell it.  In addition, I also wish I had this product when I was pregnant as well because I love doing my nails but during that time I restrained from doing my nails to avoid being exposed to those toxic chemicals.

I do recommend using a cotton pad rather than a cotton ball because the cotton ball absorbs more product.  We don’t want to waste such precious product.

So if you are pregnant I highly recommend this product and just everyone in general because we want to take care of ourselves from the inside to live a long healthy life.  I am a fan for life!  Find out more at


Fely ♥

Disclaimer:  I received a sample of Glam Rock Nail Soy Polish Remover by Glam Rock Nails at the We All Grow Summit.  All opinions are my own.


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  1. She is such a cutie!

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