Growing with Confidence with Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Repair

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I put my hair through a lot of heat on a daily basis and it was due for some deep repair.   I really needed something that would penetrate deep in to the layers of my hair to repair the damage it has gone through so, the other day while shopping at my CVS Pharmacy I picked up a few items, Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Repair Shampoo, Schwarzkopt Gliss Ultimate Repair Conditioner and the Schwarzkopt Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask.  The results after only using these products for a short time have been amazing.

I love styling my hair in one way or another on a daily basis because it makes me feel confident in the way I look and present myself to others. I know this does a lot of damage to my hair because over time hair looses Keratin which is what makes your hair strong and smooth.  Gliss’ Hair Identical Keratin replaces the lost Keratin and repairs up to 10 layers deep.  Making your hair re-gain strength and smoother looking hair surface.  One amazing thing about Gliss is that it can be used everyday, not on just severely damaged hair.  It will keep your hair looking strong and healthy over time.  This is why this shampoo and conditioner won Allure Best of Beauty Award-best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair.

After using Gliss Ultimate Hair Repair shampoo, conditioner and Anti-Damage Mask, my hair has gone from out of control to more manageable hair over a few shampoos.

  • First I start out with Gliss Ultimate Repair shampoo and lather on all over my wet head, until it becomes a creamy lather. Rinse.
  • Then I follow with Gliss Ultimate Repair conditioner and lather all over.  Rinse.
  • Lastly, 2-3 times per week, I massage Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage mask and leave in for at least one minute.  Rinse.

It now looks shinier, stronger and healthier overall.  I know putting my hair through so much heat and styling damages my hair but I know I can count on Gliss Ultimate Repair line to keep my hair in control, as I repair it with every use.

As I mentioned before, having my hair presentable gives me confidence throughout my day so I thought I share my top 5 suggestions to a more confident you this year.

1. Looking presentable:  this is not only wearing the appropriate clothes but also learning the importance of taking care of your hair.  Having nice healthy hair can have an impact on your overall look.  Making sure you use a good line of hair products to repair your hair everyday and not only when it is completely damaged, is so important.  That is why Gliss Ultimate Hair Repair line will repair any damage your hair has been through.  Giving you more manageable hair to look presentable.  Take advantage of this special offer: 2/11 event runs from Sunday 2/11 – Saturday 2/17

  • Henkel Enterprise Event (tied with other Henkel brands – Gliss, got2b, Color Ultime, Keratin Color, Dial, Right Guard, Dry Idea) – Spend $20, Get $7 in ExtraBucks, Gliss will be on sale for 2/$10 (like 2/$6 after $4 off 2 FSI coupon) on top of the Enterprise event.

2.  Set small goals and achieve them:  when you achieve a goal it makes you feel good about yourself but don’t overwhelm yourself with big goals that will only bring your self-esteem down, instead focus on small steps to achieve that goal.

3.  Exercise:  this is a lifestyle goal of mine that has really empowered me to feel good about myself.  Making it a habit has helped me stay consistent with this goal.  Start small, take a few walks a couple of days a week, then increase to what your health goals are.  This will change your mood and make you feel more confident in the way you look at yourself.

4.  Act and think positive and be pro-active: looking at the glass half full will make you a more happy person at the end.  When we focus on what is good, instead of being negative will make such a difference on the world around you.  For some reason you can’t think positive, look for things to change it around.  For example, my hair is so damaged, it just looks ugly.  Well start using Gliss Ultimate Repair to change that outcome.

5.  Be prepared:  It is hard to show confidence when you are not prepared for something.  So make sure you have that presentation ready a couple of days before it is due, study for that exam way in advance, or simply be prepared in the morning by setting up your outfit the night before.  All this will help you look more confident at the end.

So if you are looking for something to repair your hair, Gliss Hair Repair will have you covered.  Trust me, this hair line will repair your hair every time you use it.  Find your perfect match at the Gliss™ Hair Repair Brand Page and you can purchase yours at your local CVS Pharmacy.  Don’t forget to follow Schwarzkopf Instagram for some hair inspiration.


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33 responses to “Growing with Confidence with Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Repair”

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh my goodness what a difference this has made to your hair, I have to admit I’ve neglected my hair over the past couple of years and definitely need something that can act as a bit of a pick me up.

  2. Amber Myers says:

    I need to try this out! My hair could use the help, that’s for sure. I’ll pick this up the next time I’m at CVS.

  3. I don’t usually use heat on my hair, but this line sounds amazing. My hair does get super dry and damaged in winter, so I think I could benefit from at least the mask.

  4. Alison Rost says:

    I love that this re-hydrates your hair and makes it look healthier. I’ve never tried the brand before but I sure wouldn’t mind doing so. My hair could use a little more love.

  5. Karen Morse says:

    I really like the after results. You hair looks healthier and definitely not dry at all. It’s perfect for people who style their hair often. I love it.

  6. Schwarzkopf Gliss looks like a nice product. It really made your hair better!

  7. I love taking care of my hair with the best products available. This sounds really amazing and you can definitely see it in the results.

  8. Wow, you can really see the difference. I have not tried this and definitely would love to try. Hopefully, I will experience the same and meet my expectation.

  9. Dena S. says:

    Looks like this is what I need to replenish my hair. I’ve been dyeing my hair for 3years straight and the damage is so visible.

  10. JK says:

    You really can see the difference after using the product. It looks great on you.

  11. the difference between before and after is massive! The product does work then! I might give a try!

  12. What a change, this is amazing. My hair needs something like this. Thanks for the recommendation

  13. Wanda Lopez says:

    I also put my hair through some intense heat almost daily and o could use some repairing. Will definitely go and find this products. My hair will thank me.


  15. Hair health is very important too! Sometimes we can forget to take good care of it, and I think this product would be good for times like that. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Akamatra says:

    I am super confident when it comes to my work and knowledge. But I have no confidence at all on my looks.

  17. I haven’t tried this brand before. I’m working so hard on making my hair healthier this year, so I’m going to head out now and see if I can pick some up.

  18. I’ve heard nothing but great things on the brand! Will keep an eye out for future sales.

  19. DCXC says:

    Sarah Bailey says:, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

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