ISA ‘VICTORYA” Ceramic Flat Iron

*I received this product at a discount or free and this is my honest and unbiased review.


When it comes to your hair you want the best of everything to get the best results, starting with your heating utensils.  Having the right heating utensils will make or break your hairstyle.  It will also keep your hair in a more healthy state.  ISA Victorya Ceramic Flat Iron is what you are looking for.

This flat iron is top notch.  You really get a good quality iron that will really make your hair straight and remain straight throughout the day.  I’ve used a couple of flat irons in the past that will definitely make my hair straight but by the end of the day my hair is as frizzy as it started before I ironed it.  This one held up to the test and remained straight all day which is something I admired about this ISA Iron.

IMG_2355 IMG_2333

Also, unlike other flat irons which you have to pass the iron multiple times, this ISA Iron only took one pass through each section.  It takes about 30 seconds to heat up and you don’t have to wait for it to reheat every time you style a section.  This reduced my time it takes me to do my hair in half.  This is a great feature because it means your hair goes through less heat, giving less damage when you style your hair. Part of this great feature has to do with the tourmaline ceramic plates.  This is something else you want to look for when looking for a great iron.  Many will use other metals which will damage your hair.

IMG_2199 IMG_2193

The 360 non tangle cord is great because it allows you to style and not have to worry about getting tangled.  So, it makes it more convenient to move as you please.  Another great feature about this Isa Iron is that it heats up to the perfect temperature as it has a smart automatic temperature adjustment.  This means you don’t have to worry about heating it or overheating the iron and run the risk of burning your hair.


Overal, this ISA Victorya Flat Iron is a great investment piece for the health of your hair.  Check it out here at .


Miss Fely <3



*I received this product at a discount or free and this is my honest and unbiased review.

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  1. Mireya says:

    Karmin is my preference.

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