Katie’s Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday

Can you believe one year has passed since my little bundle of joy entered this world!  I know I cant.  This year just flashed before my eyes and she went from being a newborn to a walking one year old.  So blessed to have her in our lives.  Of course we threw her a birthday party to celebrate this mile stone.

I knew I wanted to do something special for her birthday but I was a month away and still was debating on a theme.  I had so many in mind that I didn’t know what to pick.  Top two were definitely Princess Leia and Twinkle Little Star.  I had Princess Leia in my mind for so long but at the end my husband and I wanted more of a baby theme party.

So we went with Twinkle Little Star for her 1st birthday theme.  I had already ordered some items earlier but thank goodness they all worked for this theme.  I wanted a nice background for her pictures and birthday activities, so I did this background using a room divider I already had in my room and some curtain lights under sheer curtains.  This really brought the whole theme together.  The clouds are made out of cotton balls and stars/moon are just cardboard sprayed painted in gold.  It was time consuming but definitely so worth it.


I tried to stay with a color theme as well so that everything could just blend together.  So for the cake and deserts we stayed with gold, pink, and white.  This went perfectly with the Twinkle theme.  The cake was professionally made by my niece, I added the stars, edible star sprinkles and ‘One’ cake topper on top.


My Katie, I hope you will look back one day and see that mommy really tried to make this day such a memorable moment for you.  Every little detail was for you and only you.  You are my little shinning star and I will always love you to the moon and back!

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  1. Hena Jose says:

    Your baby is adorable. Loved the cake too. Pinned them as well

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