Life Before Motherhood vs Life Now

Just the other day someone posted a quote and it made me think of my life before becoming a mother.  It got me thinking, how different my life is to what it was before.  The many things I now see and didn’t see before.  The things I could have done but I didn’t.  The things I did then, that now takes a village to do.  How different my “fun” is now to then.  Life is never the same after becoming a mother and I am sure you can agree to some of these too.

-You use to go to the coffee shop with your girlfriends to chit chat and now you have pretty little tea parties at home with a little princess.  What better company can you ask for than royalty.

-The best one…going to the bathroom.  This was a time to do your business, wash your hands and get out.  Most of the time now you have an audience with your number one fan pulling on your pants.  You are finally the star of the show.

-Getting ready meant getting a full face on and looking 100% all the time.  Getting ready now means having the kids ready and having THEM look 100%.  While you are lucky to place your hair in a bun and throw on some leggings.  But hey they look good…hopefully everyone will be staring at them and not you.

-Remember what bath time meant?  Yup soaking up, drinking a nice glass of wine and relaxing while you listened to Enya.  Bath time now…wait…what is bath time?  Lucky if you get a five minute shower and bonus if you get to shave your legs. Bath time means trying to keep the water in the bath tub while your little sharks swim around and splash the bubbles around.  You can still have your wine after your shower though.

-Going to the mall and trying out every single item just because you thought it was cute even if you knew you weren’t going to buy it.  Now a days, who has time to try things on; return if it doesn’t fit when you get home.

-Going to dinner with your significant other and talking about your all your future plans and what movie you are going to watch after dinner.  Now when you go on a solo date with your significant other, all you talk about is how much you are missing the kids and wonder what they could be doing?

-Bars were your playground, and now the only playground you step on is full of the little creatures running with joy.

-Working out meant going to the gym and waiting for 20 minutes for a machine to free up to complete your routine.  Now you have no wait time and a living little prop that smiles back at you every time you workout and it really doesn’t even feel like a workout.

-Remember going to the club and had no problem staying up until 2-3:00 am dancing your heart out?  Now a days consist of being woken up at 2-3:00 in the morning by a screaming little human wanting milk and cuddles but who can resist some cuddle time?

-You would sing your heart out to your favorite jams in the car and now you actually think you are Elsa singing Let It Go for the 12345678 time.

Life before motherhood was great back then but not as amazing as it is now.  These little humans who call us mommy make your world a magical place and they make you smile every single moment you spend with them.  Sure not everything is roses but there is no way I would want to go back to the old me.  After experiencing what life is as a mommy, I wouldn’t have it any other way; even after 100 tantrums.  If you still have no children, enjoy your time now to its fullest.  Do all you want to do, see all you want to see, because life is about to get much better when they enter your world.



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9 responses to “Life Before Motherhood vs Life Now”

  1. Laney says:

    This is so incredibly sweet ❤️ I can’t wait to be a mom one day!

  2. Erica Q says:

    This is so accurate! I can totally relate to this post. I wouldn’t change my mom life for the world though!

  3. MashaB says:

    jeje me encanto tu publicación, realmente refleja el cambio tan radical / drástico que en ciertas áreas puede ser la maternidad.

    Muy lindo

  4. Oscar says:

    I can relate, even as a dad. Our lives change, but we love them.

  5. While it seems your life before motherhood was quite different as mine, I can completely relate to how different and more meaningful my life is since I became a mom. What a beautiful gift motherhood can be!

  6. Alex Tabar says:

    I can’t relate that much because I’m not a mom, but it is very interesting to read your before and after. Motherhood is definitely something beautiful and definitely a life-changer.

  7. Danay says:

    I can totally relate! I will say that when they get older you can go back to some of those little luxuries, but it never goes back 100%. Maybe when they are grown ups, but then come the grandkids. I for one love everything about being a mom, and all of the sacrifices small and large really are eclipsed by the insurmountable love that you create and foster.

  8. I can’t relate because I do t have kids.. but I do know I have an awesome mom you was once and your place. You seem to love mommyhood and great moms do! Lol great post!

  9. You definitely had me laughing at a couple of them.

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