Makeup Expiry Dates

Tips to help you keep track…

Admit it…you are a makeup hoarder.  Okay maybe not all of you but have you noticed that makeup has expiration dates?  Not to the surprise of many, makeup goes bad and it acquires bacteria throughout time and can cause a lot of harm to your skin or place where you put it on.  A lot of these products have preservatives that help keep your makeups life span a little longer but this can only last so long.  When preservatives start to wear off, bacteria is more prone to live and reproduce.  Bacteria will and can harm you in many ways.  Things such as irritations, skin infections, eye infections, are all common when makeup goes bad.

I know it is fun to collect makeup for some of us but our overall health is what is important at the end.  No one, absolutely no one wants to get sick or make others sick if you are in the makeup industry.  So it is so important to take notice of these dates and keep track of when it is no longer good for use.

Here are some tips and tricks to a healthy makeup collection.

First off, most products come with a Period After Opening(PAO) symbol.  Most of the time these can be found next to the ingredients or bottom label(can look like a symbol of an open container).  This label tells you exactly how long your product is good for after you have opened it and exposed it to bacteria.

As a rule of thumb, look through your makeup stash every 3-4 months.  This will allow you to purge with what needs to go.  This is important because many of us don’t have time to look at the beauty product every time we wear it; we just grab it and go.  So set up some time on your calendar to remind you that you need to go through your makeup

Use stickers.  These Avery color coding labels are the best to keep track of when you opened your product. Look at the label that indicates the amount of months your product is good for.  Once you open the product, add a label with the month and year you need to dispose of it.  This will be a good reminder and make it a lot easier for you when the time comes to go through your makeup.

Things to look for when your makeup expires:

-gives you any type of rash or infection; this is caused by bacteria formed in your makeup(some we cant even detect)

-smells funny; bacteria can be forming, causing the odor.

-looks funny; any separation in product probably means the product has broken down and will probably not give you the desired outcome.

Remember to always try to be as sanitary with your beauty products as you possibly can.  Don’t use products on any broken skin, or rashes.  If the products requires you to dip your finger, try using a clean brush instead.  This will help keep bacteria out.  Wash your hands before you touch your products to avoid any contamination.

I know it is hard to depart with our lovely makeup and many ignore the PAO, I know I have in the passed but we must learn to control the urge to hoard tons of makeup that could harm us in any way.  Your face and body will thank you and treat you well.




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6 responses to “Makeup Expiry Dates”

  1. I love how organized this idea is! So smart!!

  2. Erica Q says:

    This is a way better system then I have. (Which is the memory system) I will have to try this. Right after I toss my mascara.

  3. I have to admit to keeping makeup around for to long. I will definitely be trying out the sticker technique.

  4. This is so important! A lot of people just continue to use the product after its expiration date (I am guilty of it too), but this system is really a great idea!


  5. Ryla Rose says:

    I really like this idea, I have to give this a try. I never thought using stickers would help (not sure why ) thank you for this post.

  6. This is definitely important. I am not a makeup hoarder AT ALL, but this information is equally valuable to me. Since I avoid spending money on makeup, I probably have been hanging on to it too long. Going to go check right now!

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