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We all like to save a little money with our purchases and there are so many free apps out there to help you with just that.  These are all apps that will keep a dollar or two in your pocket with just a few clicks.  Here are some download worthy apps that have worked for me…

Ibotta:  This is my absolute favorite app for groceries.  It gives you cash back on your everyday purchases by many options such as Paypal, Venmo, or featured gift cards.  This app is great because it allows you to work in teams and the more your teammates purchase, the more bonuses you get.  So if you want to join in the fun feel free to use my referral code: uyurwej at time of your registration so that we can be on the same team and you will also get $10 to start.  Not only do you get cash back on grocery but many other such as clothing, beauty, and many others.  This is a must download you wont regret.

Ebates:  If you are a big online shopper, this app is for you but they also offer in store savings as well.  How it works: You search for what ever store you want to shop in and it will show you how much cash back of your total purchase they are offering. You click on the “shop now” button and it takes you directly to their store website. Ebates then keeps track of your purchases and as soon as they see that your transaction is made, it will show in your cash pending page. Every few months Ebates will send your payment via Paypal or check if you prefer.  Start saving today and don’t forget to use my referral code here.

Target Cartwheel: Who doesn’t love Target?  If you are anything like me, you go in for toilet paper and you come out with everything but that.  This app will give you instant savings at checkout on things you already buy at Target.  It is extremely easy to use: you can either look up your item by typing it in our by simply scanning it and adding it to your cart.  Before you pay show your bar-code to the cashier and see your saving on your receipt.  Lifetime savings: $195.84

Groupon: If you are one to go out and like to discover new places and things, this app offers great discounts on local restaurants, shopping, travel and more.  My favorite coupon is from Starbucks, you usually get a $10 credit for only$5.  Yes really, no strings attached.  Plus on top of this you can use Ebates to get cash back!  Win Win Yaasss!

  • Deal Palooza:  For those that live near the Temecula Area, this app is for you.  Same concept as groupon but they concentrate in the Temecula Valley.  They have amazing deals all the time for you wine lovers who love visiting Temecula Wine Country, plus so many other fun local deals.

These are truly my top favorite apps that I use on almost a daily basis.  These don’t have any strings attached to them, it is just straight and forward money saving apps.  Yes they do take some time to scan but the savings and cash back will make it all worthy at the end.  Trust me it will add up and that is money staying in your pocket for more purchases.

What are some of your favorite apps?



Disclaimer:  Contains referral codes which will allow me to earn a little, to support & maintain Miss Fely.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you as always for your support!

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7 responses to “$$$ Money Saving Apps $$$”

  1. I have been obsessed with cartwheel recently. Ebates will always be my go!

  2. Charlie says:

    I love this! I use Mint all the time to help me stay on top of my budget and the target app to help me save money!

  3. Erica Q says:

    Ebates is totally awesome! I’ve actually gotten a lot of money back with them. If you shop online a lot, ebates has great savings. Great post!

  4. Skyler says:

    Thanks for this post! Super helpful. I really need to check out Cartwheel – I am obsessed with Target!

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