My New Year’s Resolutions Are…

What!  Where did 2016 go?  It literally feels like yesterday when we started the new year.  It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun, right!  There were so many great things that happened this year, and I am so very thankful for all good and bad.  If it weren’t for those things that happened the way they did, I probably wouldn’t be in the same exact spot I am.

In 2016, I became a mother for the second time in March.  I still can’t believe I am two months away from celebrating her first birthday.  Every time I look at her I wish I could just freeze time right here, right now.  I know that is just wishful thinking.  Also this year, Aubrey started preschool.  My baby, no longer a baby(okay, I might start crying now). It was hard the first couple of weeks to let her go.  I wanted to pick her up right away because I missed her so much but I knew she loved it and was having a blast.  So with time I am learning to let go, although I think of her all day.  Mommy life is fun but it is a learning game of balancing time that’s for sure.

2016 has allowed me to continue to grow and work with amazing companies both big and small.  I love what I do and I know many in this field consider it a “job” but as the saying goes, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

So for 2017 I have so many aspirations and dreams to continue to grow in my personal and blog life.  You will see many changes, especially here on the blog.  First change will come at the very beginning of the year and I hope you guys enjoy it.  I am so exited for this change because it is something I’ve been wanting for a long time.  This blog will receive a little TLC that it has been needing for a long time now.  So stay tuned!

As for my personal life, I have my goal set to live a more healthy lifestyle for myself and my family as well.  Although I have somewhat already started on this resolution but I hope to commit 100% more effort to eating more healthy and being more consistent with working out.

For now that is all I am putting on my list because I know things will start to trickle down(in a positive way I hope) as the year goes by.  So 2017, I am ready for you!


Fely ♥

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