My Story…

Welcome to Miss Fely, where you will get the insight of,  “The Personal LifeStyle of a Simple Girl.”  Hope you enjoy reading and following my blogs!

Hi…you can call me Fely!  Latina, born and raised in Southern California.  Wife to my husband Ken and mother to two little crazy ones.

A little about myself:  I am officially a shopaholic!  Yikes!  I love everything about the fashion/beauty world and now that I am a mommy, I love to sprinkle a dash of my mommy lifestyle.

Growing up I must have gone through so many career changes. I went from being a doctor, vet, and most any other career you can think of. At the end of my senior year of high school I decided I was going to be a teacher and on the side have my little fashion boutique (realistic?). Well, I loved to dream big but that didn’t quite happen. So I finished two years at a community college and at that point I had to come back to reality and make the decision: go to fashion school or a regular 4-year school. At the end I gave up on the dream of becoming a fashion icon and became a teacher instead(not complaining…I love kids).

So I though hey, why give up on my dream of fashion?

Through this blog I hope to express who I am, what I love, and inspire women to fall in love with themselves.  Even though I consider myself a simple girl, I like to take fashion/beauty risk from time to time.  I hope to inspire others to get out of their shell and use their creativity to be the person they want to be.

I’m just ME…a simple girl living her life the way one should-Anonymous

I consider myself a simple girl because I am like every other girl out there.  I don’t always feel like dressing up, wearing high heels everyday, and don’t like to pack on the makeup everyday.  I just like to be ME and feel comfortable with myself no matter my surroundings…

So here I am now on this adventure, being a Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, and hope you can find a friend in me.

Let the fashion runway show begin!


Fely <3




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