Our Best Life With Böen| Easy And Effortless Charcuterie Board

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As many of you know I prefer white wine over red wine but Pinot Noir happens to be one of my favorite reds, and recently I’ve had the chance to try Böen Pinot Noir. When you drink this red, you can taste the smooth and rich flavors, and can appreciate the aroma of cinnamon and spices, while you savor the blackberry and cherry flavors that hit the palate with a smooth finish. It is the perfect combination of flavors for any wine lover, plus, you can find it easily at your local retailer like I did!  Böen Pinot Noir is made by fifth generation winemaker, Joe Wagner, who takes pride in growing the best from what the land has to offer to make a one of a kind wine, with smooth and rich flavors. ​This Pinot Noir brings together the best of three sought after wine regions in California: Sonoma County, Monterey County, and Santa Barbara County. 

“Böen is a translation of “The Farm” and I chose it as a reminder to myself that the wine I make is indivisible from the land it comes from that first and foremost, I am a farmer.”
-Joseph Wagner

Now, when we think of a social gathering, wine always seems to come to mind. Wine has often been a tradition for movie nights with college girlfriends, small social gatherings with close friends and now date nights with my husband. I love sharing Böen wine with friends and family because you simply can’t go wrong with a wine with so much passion behind it. You know you get the best flavors in each bottle to satisfy all types of palates. Wine just makes everything better, including social gatherings whether it be a group of people or just the two of us. It makes a great conversation starter for many reasons, from taste, to where it comes from and pairings. But wine has so many other reasons why it makes life so much better. For my husband and I, it’s a great way just to wind down from a long week. There is just something so relaxing about having a glass of wine in front of the fire place and just enjoying talking to one another about things in our lives and how we plan to live our best lives. Wine has become part of our lifestyle as it has become a way to connect with loved ones and just makes time more enjoyable having that one experience in common. PLUS- Böen​ is easy to find at a retailer near you.  One of the things we enjoy making to go along with our wine is a charcuterie board or as many call it, cheese plate. It can seem daunting or intimidating to do this but its a fun trendy way to display your snack pairings or hors d’oeuvres. What goes on the board really depends on the type of wines you are drinking because different pairings bring out the best in different wines. As we all know, nobody’s palate is the same, and our taste buds have different reactions to sensations like sweetness and saltiness. So the best thing that you can do is have a bit of variety in each category, especially if you are entertaining a big crowd. Depending on the amount of people you are entertaining make sure you have enough for everybody. For my husband and I, I like to do two of each category to start with and just add a bit more of what we enjoy the most. Just remember, the key is to pick different textures, flavors, shapes and colors. What you will need to build your own charcuterie board:

  • Board– a nice presentable piece of wood or serving dish
  • Food (pick and choose) -Meats- salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, are some favorites. Remember the thinner the better for this type of board. -Cheese- brie, havarti, blue cheese, mozzarella, aged cheddar, goat. Try to include a variety of flavors and textures. -Bread/crackers- water crackers, flatbread crackers, garlic bread. Try to include soft and hard options. -Sweet/Salty- almonds, green olives, grapes, honey, fig jam, mustard. This is a fun category to play with as there are so many options to go with.
  • Other things to consider are cute jars, as well as the appropriate utensils, for honey and jams and cheese just to make it more presentable.

Instructions: Place all items on the board by arranging in a way that is best appealing to you. Try rolling or folding some of the meats and arranging the crackers a certain way to make it more presentable. There is really no right or wrong way of doing this, just have fun with it. If you have a lot of empty space, try placing more nuts or crackers to fill in those spaces. You can go as complex as you would like or just a small simple board will do. This Böen Pinot Noir pairs well with a lot of different foods but my favorite from the charcuterie board is, small piece of salami, brie cheese, and fig jam spread on a cracker. I know it sounds like a lot of things but the combination is heavenly on the palate with this Böen Pinot Noir wine. This also pairs well with a nice burger if you are looking for a more diner type pairing.

My husband and I love trying out new wines but from now on we know we can trust on Böen to deliver the best every time! Find your local supplier here, you wont be disappointed.

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  1. Yuri says:

    Love this!

  2. Kristin R says:

    I’m going to make this board this weekend. Looks o good and easy to make.

  3. Brenda says:

    Love It! Thankyou

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