Own It For The New Year with Kellogg’s Special K

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As a woman, I wear many hats from mom, cook, nurse, housekeeper, teacher, wife, and so many more. I am always on the go as well and I am always reaching out for snacks such as Kellogg Special K® bars and cereals, so I can own it the rest of the day.

Wearing all these hats is not an easy task as many can imagine.  It takes a lot of energy and motivation to get everything done in one day.  Sometimes the day seems like it doesn’t have enough hours in a day to do all that needs to get done.  Nonetheless, things must get done and no one but ourselves can make it happen.  One way I can achieve to do everything in my day is making sure to start every morning with a delicious breakfast cereal such as my favorites, Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries, Chocolate Delight and Protein Cereal; depending on what I feel like that morning.  The Special K Nourish line has wholesome ingredients so you can feel confident giving your body what it needs.  In return, you will have what your body needs to get started on your day the right way.  After all they do say breakfast is the most important meal of your day.

My week is super busy, as I juggle a household, work, and taking care of my two girls under 5 years old.  As you can tell my schedule can become a little hectic and time consuming at times.  I am always on the go and getting things accomplished.  I take Aubrey to school, play dates, swim, and starting the new year we are adding dance to her schedule and her schedule becomes my schedule as well, as I am the one who is responsible to take her to all her activities.  On top of this I still have to care for Katie, my younger daughter, while she does her activities.  This is where I need a delicious snack to keep me on the go such as Kellogg’s Special K Chewy Snack Bars Red Berries and Pastry Crisp in Straberry.  I know I can count on Special K to do just that.  Special K has snacks and cereal with the protein you need to fuel your day.  Eating one of these snacks allows me to fuel, keep on going with my day and be able to own it.  So, there is no excuse not to get things done. 

As the new year starts I am going to start owning it even more by being ready for anything that comes my way. I know most of the time I take care of others but I also need to start taking better care of myself.  I have set some lifestyle goals to get me ready just for that.  Here are some goals that might also help you out throughout the year.

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Lifestyle Goals

Getting enough rest: Rest plays an important role in our health.  It allows us to gain back our energy and also allows our bodies to heal.  This in turn will allow us to be well rested and have a more productive day.

Pampering myself more: Self care is something we all need in general.  For someone who has so much going on with their day, it can be hard but not impossible.  This really can be anything from doing a face-mask, taking a bath, or going out for a massage.  Learning to take care and pampering ourselves is something that will make you happier throughout your day because when you feel good about yourself, it will show.

Get regular physical activity:  Getting a little physical activity is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.  Do what you can to stay active.  It can be as easy as taking a walk or following one of your favorite videos.  Whatever it is make it happen.  Your body and mind will thank you.

Maintain a cheerful outlook on life:  Life is about living and making decisions that will make you happy.  If you see life from a different perspective, you will see how blessed you are and in turn start appreciating your surroundings.  Seeing the glass half full instead of half empty is something that will change our perspective in life as well.

Eat more grains:  Diets are out, confidence is in.  Own what you eat and allow that to show in your self confidence.  Eating more grains has a lot of health benefits as we know.  One of them being fiber.  Eating the right foods will give you the energy you need to conquer your day.  The Special K Nourish line has wholesome ingredients so you can feel confident giving your body what it needs.  We are in charge of what we put in our bodies, so make sure you have those Special K Bars ready for those times when hunger strikes on the go.  Know you can give your body what it what it needs, anytime, anywhere.  Overall remember,  however you eat it, own it.

We all come from different lifestyles and backgrounds but one thing we can agree as women is these lifestyle goals can take you anywhere and help you own it.  Pick-up your cereal and bars from your local Target and take advantage of these offers down below.

  • From 12/31/17 – 1/6/18: Select Special K® Bars and Cereals are 2 for $4 at Target
  • From 1/1/18 – 6/1/18: Get a free Swell water bottle with an empowerment message on it via Kellogg Family Rewards when you purchase any combination of three (3) participating Kellogg® Special K® products between 1/1/18 and 6/1/18. Receipts must be submitted by 7/1/18.

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17 comments so far.

17 responses to “Own It For The New Year with Kellogg’s Special K”

  1. robin rue says:

    I have been eating Special K for years. I know it’s good for me and it’s delicious, too!

  2. Joan Cajic says:

    I love Special K, but I only ate the flakes, I think I need to give those bars a try they look really delicious.

  3. A Special K breakfast is a great way to start the day! Thank you so much for bringing their snack bars to my attention. They’re something my family will really love.

  4. Erin Sluka says:

    My son LOVES the Special K Chocolate Delight. They have such great tasting options

  5. Amber Myers says:

    Yum, these look so delicious! I need to try them out. I love your goals. Mine are pretty similar to these.

  6. I know what you mean about feeling that some days don’t have enough hours in the day because it is so true. Hopefully the special K will help you go into 2018 and completely ace it! I have every faith in you.

  7. Thanks for the wonderful tips you shared as well as giving us insight about kellogs special K. I’ve had many school day mornings where special K served me right.

  8. Wanda Lopez says:

    So true! Life is filled with challenges, ups and downs and never ending to do lists. Life can be messy and rewarding at the same time. Feeling in control starts with the snack you add to your daily routine and your body.

  9. Nazrin Miah says:

    I love Kellogs breakfast bars. They’re just the right thing to pop into your bag and eat on your way to work! These ones in particular look YUMMY! The white chocolate looks just for me.


  10. You’ve got such a big choice of Special K in your supermarket! we don’t have it that big in the UK! I’d go for the one with chocolate flakes!

  11. Christina says:

    Those Special K bars are so yummy! Need to pick some of these up!

  12. Ruth I. says:

    I start every morning with a bowl of Kellogg’s! It’s the best way to begin your day – it keeps you full until lunch and gives you plenty of energy!

  13. I’ve always loved Special K cereal. It helped me through some crazy mornings back in college!

  14. Oyinkan says:

    Girl I haven’t had special k in such a long time. But I’m glad you love it.

  15. Bobbi says:

    Special K has so many more products than they used to. I love that they have things that you can eat when you are on the go.

  16. Their granola bars are a must for me.

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