Perfect Affordable Over The Knee Boots

So you guys probably noticed I am very small build and finding boots that don’t make me look like I am swimming in them is quite the challenge.  I had been looking for over the knee boots for so long but just had no luck finding ones that would actually stay in place and not slouch down my legs.

Finally on one of my many trips to my happy place, Target, I came about these black over the knee boots from A New Day brand, in the style Sidney.  I wasn’t very hopeful at first because of my past experiences trying on these kind of boots wasn’t the best.  So what made this boot so different from the ones I tried on in the past was the tie string it has in the back.  I am able to adjust the string and make it nice and tight for them not to fall below my knee.  This makes a world of difference for me.

They feel like faux suede and have an inside zipper for easy on and off access.  They do have somewhat of a stretch so they will fit many of calve sizes.  Also love that they come in a flat version so I can still chase my little ones but they do have a similar style in a high chunky heel if preferred.  If you are wondering they do run true to size and are super comfortable to wear all day.


Miss Fely

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21 responses to “Perfect Affordable Over The Knee Boots”

  1. Runcanvas says:

    Cute, although as a super shorty I can not really pull these off. They are usually super uncomfortable for me

  2. Alexandra says:

    These boots are just so beautiful, and I love the outfit you have paired them with – you have great taste!

  3. Joan Cajic says:

    I do need to get myself some boots for this season and as much as I love high heeled boots, flats are always my option for comfort. These are really great.

  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    There is nothing like coming across the perfect pair of boots. These ones sound like they are really comfortable and hands up we all want to buy things that are pocket-friendly.

  5. These look so comfortable! I always like to consider if I can drive in a pair of boots before I buy them, and these look dressy and I could drive in that heel height.

  6. You have styled the boots so well! Love a good OTK boot, and the affordable ones are even better!

  7. soonjoo says:

    I LOVE over the knee boots! They are so versatile that you ca nwear with dress or skinny jeans. But when I shop to find good boots under $50 is difficult. I never heard of A New Day Brand boots. Now it’s on my shoppng list!

  8. Tara Pittman says:

    What a cute way to keep your pants up. I like the look of the ribbon as a belt.

  9. OTK is a must for me during this season and it is good to know affordable options out there! This boot style instantly makes a look chic and fashionable! Thanks!

  10. I love the fact that it is available in with two different heels. Thumbs up! They are also so very affordable. Very nice.

  11. Amber Myers says:

    These are pretty boots. I need to get some over the knee ones. I don’t have any yet.

  12. Gladys Nava says:

    Oh my goodness! I love those boots! It is really so cute and stunning. Love it ❤️

  13. Runcanvas says:

    Love these boots, wish I could pull off tall style but my super short stature makes me look even smaller

  14. Sundeep says:

    I am in love with these boots. Winters are here and this looks amazing on jeans. I am in love with your dressing sense.

  15. Joanna says:

    The boots are lovely and they are cheap too! I have always wanted a pair like this, but all my boots are just below the knee.

  16. Charli Bruce says:

    I love your whole outfit and those boots are perfect

  17. Liz Siemers says:

    I adore these boots, and I love the small heel! I would definitely love to give these a try!!!

  18. Devyani says:

    I am more of an ankle boot person. But I am loving this !

  19. I love these boots! I do not have a pair that are over the knee, but I may have to get some…supercute!!!

  20. blair villanueva says:

    I haven’t tried wearing a knee boots, and I think this is gorgeous. It is stylish and can wear for casual look (or sassy one).

  21. Bindu Thomas says:

    Those boots are awesome. It will be a perfect one for the winter. Love it ❤️.

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