Summer Fun With Aveeno Sunscreen

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Applying sunscreen is so important to protect our skin on both adults and especially children. We love getting our vitamin D in this household and continuously protecting myself and my children’s health is the upmost priority above all.  That is why I trust dermatologist recommended, AVEENO® PROTECT + HYDRATE® Lotion Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 70 for myself, and Aveeno® Baby Continuous Protection® Sensitive Skin Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50 for my baby.

Living in a place where there is sun most everyday of the year, with the occasional rain, sunscreen has become a daily ritual for my skin to protect it from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays.  AVEENO® PROTECT + HYDRATE® Lotion Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 70 contains ENVIROGUARDTM Technology which provides long-lasting, broad spectrum photostable protection against these rays.  That is something we should all be looking for in a sunscreen to have proper protection.  What I love more about this specific sunscreen is that I can use it both on my body and face without the worry that it will clog my pores.  On the contrary provides 24-hr skin hydration against chlorine, salt water and sweat, leaving my skin actually feeling so soft and hydrated throughout the day.  To be protected all day, I like to put on my sunscreen at least 15 minutes prior to stepping outdoors as suggested.  Once I have been out for about 80 minutes, I like to re-apply all over again, as many times as needed during the day when I am out in the sunlight.

As any mother, I am always looking out for what is best for my baby.  Finding the perfect product to protect her but at the same time be a healthy option for her is very important.  Thankfully, knowing that Aveeno® Baby Continuous Protection® Sensitive Skin Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50 is free of all parabens, phthalates, dyes, fragrances & chemical sunscreen ingredients, makes me feel so comfortable applying it all over her skin.  I feel comfortable knowing that it is mild, tear-free and clinically shown to be as gentle as water, in case it gets near her eyes.  One thing I really appreciate from this lightweight formula is that it is non-greasy and non-sticky to the touch.  I know that can be really uncomfortable for babies.

Just like I do for myself, I always apply her sunscreen 15 minutes prior to going outside and continuously re-apply about every 80 minutes.  I like to keep both my sunscreen and her sunscreen near me or around the place where my baby is playing so that I am constantly reminded to re-apply when needed.  My daughter still has that sensitive baby skin so she can easily get sunburn very easily.  Therefore it is very important that I am constantly reminded to re-apply her sunscreen at the same time I do or sometimes before me when I towel dry her if needs a break from the water.  Sometimes I will also set an alarm on my phone to remind me because we all know when you are having fun time just flies.

My baby is definitely an outdoor baby.  She loves being outside and getting wet most of the time.  So I try to find ways to entertain her for hours everyday during these hot summer days.  I try to be as creative as I can without breaking the bank and using what I have around the house for these activities.  Who can say no to free entertainment!  Trust me I don’t mind her spending all day outside, I know Aveeno is there to protect her skin.  Here area 5 free outdoor summer activities that will have kids playing outside for hours.

5 Free Fun Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids

Cup and Sponge Activity

Materials: Sponges, Tub, Water, Cups

Instructions: Pour water in the tub and soak the sponges in the water.  Next stack the cups into a pyramid.  Using the wet sponges, try to knock all the cups down.

Fishing For Shapes

Materials: Sponges(can substitute for small toys), Tub, Water, Spoon(used as fish net), Scissors

Instructions: Cut the sponges into shapes and apply water to the tub.  Apply the shapes into the tub.  Using the spoon fish the shapes out.(you can have children fish all the shapes, fish all the blue, etc.)

Water Art

Materials: Paint Brush, Container, Water

Instructions: Under direct sun, use the paint brush to make art on the cement or walls.


Materials: Bubble Soap, Container, Empty Water Bottle, Scissors, Sock

Instructions: Cut the bottom of the water bottle off(about 1 in).  Wrap sock over wide open side of the bottle.  Pour bubble soap into the container(if you don’t have bubble soap, use water down dish soap).  Dunk the sock portion into the bubble soap and blow out from the other side of the water bottle.


Materials: Water hose with a sprinkler head, Under ground sprinklers will work too.

Instructions:  Turn on sprinklers and let the kids run through the sprinklers.  Oldest activity in the book but always provides hours of fun while watering your grass at the same time.

So this summer don’t forget to protect your skin and equally important that of baby.  There is a great deal over at CVS, Buy 1, Get 1 50% off Aveeno Suncare (6/17-6/30): .  Great deal to buy both at the same time or simply buy multiple bottles because I know I go through multiple bottles of sunscreen during the summer for both mine and baby.

Taking care of our skin against sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays is crucial all year round but especially this time of year.  If that is not enough of a incentive, knowing that using a good sunscreen like Aveeno can help decrease the risk of skin cancer and early aging should.  Remember it is not only about applying Aveeno sunscreen but also remembering to re-apply sunscreen as the hours go by.



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36 responses to “Summer Fun With Aveeno Sunscreen”

  1. Kim says:

    Oh I love Aveeno products! I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ll give it a shot. 🙂

  2. Cassie says:

    Your daughter is cute. I love your summer ideas

  3. Looks like she is having fun.
    Finding a good sunscreen for the little ones is so vital for summer fun.

  4. Tau says:

    You look so cute with your daughter. Thanks for sharing… Looks like Aveeno is right solution

  5. I always see Aveeno products but I have yet to try one. Since summer is coming soon, I will have to check it out on my next Target visit.

  6. Athena says:

    Aveeno products are seriously the BEST! Use their lotion on my infant and its great.

  7. Rosalinda says:

    I will have to look into that Aveeno baby for my 6 month old. We are going on a cruise this summer and I knowing could be so helpful!

  8. Tara says:

    I too love Aveeno products. What a nice way to stay cool playing with the sponge and water outside on a sunny day. Love the suggested activities, its always nice to find ways to safely get some fresh air and vitamin d.

  9. Amber Myers says:

    These are some great ideas! We love Aveeno products and always have them around.

  10. Joan Cajic says:

    I love aveeno, I use the moisturiser and I love it. I need to check this out.

  11. Valerie says:

    Wish that i’d seen this last night I was standing in the sunscreen aisle. I went w/ Banana Boat but will look for this next time.

  12. Christine says:

    I have always been a fan of Aveeno lotion products and this sunscreen is probably no exception to their rule for quality. Your daughter is very lovely in all these photos.

  13. Sunscreen is totally necessary to protect our skin, and it’s good to know that AVEENO works great on both body and face without clogging the pores. I’ve never heard about the product but it’s definitely a must-try!

  14. i don’t know much, but do you think the spf number really matters?

  15. Kusum says:

    OMG your daughter is so adorable! Yes, we are going through so much sunscreen thanks to the summer, not that we are complaining haha.

  16. Oh my, it looks like a fun summer day project. I’ve never tried water art before but I’ll have to this summer. The kids are already saying they’re bored. I’ve been using this sunscreen and I really love it. Abby is allergic to everything but she hasn’t had any isues with this product.

  17. What a wonderful post! I always put faith into Aveeno products. They always seem to work on me. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  18. Princess Quinn says:

    This is a great idea using sun screen is good in order not to damage our skin especially when we stay under the sun or going to the beach.I remember when i went to the beach i keep putting sun screen because its really good for the skin.thanks for sharing.

  19. Nina says:

    I never heard the AVEENO PRODUCTS. it is always good to shield yourself from the sun

  20. Sunscreen is definitely a must have in any season here in Mexico. I’ve taught my kids not to go out without it. They even line up to have some applied before going out! lol
    I’ll be looking for Aveeno sunscreen this summer.

  21. Water painting is an activity I would want to try with my little on in the future.

  22. Tabitha says:

    I only appt sunscreen when I go to the pool or beach. I know I probably dlshiuld appy it daily but I always forget. I’m also a Sun worshipper so I spend as much time outside in the sun as I can for the heat and tan! I love that you are teaching your daughter how to take care of herself early!

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