The Joy of Having Girls

Ever since I was a little girl, I would always imagine and dream of having a girl one day.  There was always that joy that it brought me to imagine dressing her up, going to get mani/pedi together, tea parties, having my little shopping buddy and finding cute similar outfits.

When I became pregnant my first time, my husband and I didn’t really care if we got a boy or girl since we knew we wanted a second.  All we cared of like any other expectant parent was a healthy and happy baby.  Of course I was secretly hoping for a girl and the thought of having a boy somewhat scared me.  How would I relate to him?  Low and behold I got my little girl, Aubrey and she was the most beautiful baby I ever saw in life!  The second time I became pregnant, I am not going to lie, both my husband and I wanted so desperately a baby boy.  Well, nope we got our second baby girl, Katie.  As much as we wanted a boy(and I mean we REALLY wanted a boy), I wouldn’t have it any other way now.  She was the perfect baby.

Now Aubrey is such a girly girl.  She loves dressing up, makeup, doing her nails, and just all things girly.  She is also my little sensitive girl, who is will cry for everything.  She is my little shadow when I am putting on my makeup in my bathroom.  She analyzes and observes how I apply my makeup.  She mimics what I do with her own “makeup”.  I love that she has love for makeup as I do and although I do let her play with makeup, she knows it is only for play(See what I think here).  Katie on the other hand is my little dare devil, a just a bit stubborn little girl.  Can’t wait to see what she will be like as she gets a little older like her big sister Aubrey.  They couldn’t be any more different but they will balance each other out in a way.

Do I dress them like twins, you ask?  Well, yes, but only for special occasions.  Not going to deny that I would love to have them look like twins everyday and have fun having things in common.  At the same time I want them to have their own personality and style.  Yes, I am also guilty on buying look a like clothes for me and them once in a while.  I just love the mommy and me look.  After all it is one of the things that makes having girls fun.  I would though never become that embarrassing mom to them when they grow up.

Having all girls is also beneficial for them, as they have each other to lean on.  Katie will have the joy of having a big sister to look up to and Aubrey will learn to be a leader to her little sister.

Having girls for me is magical.  I love being their mommy and that connection we have as mommy and daughter.  Being all females there will always be that mutual understanding of what we are going through.  I know I will be able to understand them as they go through the stages of life because I have been through them all.  Aubrey and Katie are the joy to my life and I am lucky to have them call me mommy.



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