The New Miss Fely: Rebranding Le Fashion Beauty

So if you are here, you more than likely notice my blog name changed.  Yes, indeed I have re-branded Le Fashion Beauty into Miss Fely.  It really took a lot of thinking and re-thinking if I should or shouldn’t proceed with changing my blog name.  At the end I decided it was time for a change and some updates to better serve the purpose of my blog.

Surprising enough, Miss Fely is what I started blogging with(I think it was 2010?) but then had a change of heart and that is when Le Fashion Beauty was born in late 2012.  Back in the day a blog was not about making money but sharing what one loved.  I was in love with all things fashion and beauty and well Le Fashion Beauty suited that name perfectly for me. Now as the time has passed over these 5 years, many things have happened and changed in my life.  The biggest one was becoming a mommy.  So, I felt like I outgrew Le Fashion Beauty and it was restricting me on sharing my new lifestyle.

Moving forward, Miss Fely will be a lifestyle blog, integrating  fashion and beauty as always.  You will still be able to search through all the past blog post from Le Fashion Beauty as well.  I feel like Miss Fely is more me now since it is a little more personal.

As always, thank you for your continued support with this blog and hope to always fill your lifestyle, beauty and fashion needs.  Still need to work out some minor details but soon enough it will all be done and settled.

Ready for this new adventure!!!



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  1. I’m so excited for the new journey of Miss Fely

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