The White Button-Down Shirt For This Season

Yay it’s spring!  I love this season for all it brings into fashion, from floral to pastels and fresh looks.  Now with the warmer weather, I tend to wear lighter colors to keep that heat down, white being a favorite.  I think most of us have that classic white button-down shirt, right!  If it’s not a fashion essential in your closet yet, you need to get it now.  Its such a versatile staple clothing item that will allow for much use.

There are so many ways you can transform this boring crisp white shirt into a classic chic look.  You can dress it up, or down, tuck it in or out, combine it with a statement necklace, combinations are endless.  It is truly a hidden gem that most everyone overlooks in their closet.

SO, it’s spring, lets start to wear it again in other ways other than the traditional work outfit!

Plain and simple.  Just adding a little cute belt will change your whole outfit look.  Simple is always easier to style and wont look overdone or messy.

Paring it with a statement necklace and leather jacket gives it that edgy look.  If you are going out with this outfit then I would switch out the flats for some nice black heels.

Photos by Betzy Carmona


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  1. I absolutely love option one!

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