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Just the other day I went to my local thrift Store and found some amazing finds.  I know a lot of people don’t like thrift shopping because of many reasons but you can really find some unique pieces that no one else will have.  You might even score an item that still has the price tag on and has never been used.

I found this top with really nice sleeves that I just could not pass on.  The gold detail on the top and sleeves is beautiful.  There are so many ways you can style this but I opted for the all nude look.  This is just one example of something unique you can find in a thrift store. You can even find things for the whole family too.  They have everything from purses, shoes, to hats.  You might even score some name brand pieces as well.  The possibilities are endless.

Need a little help in the thrift store department, follow these tips.

Tips to follow:

    • Go BOLD- pick items you would normally not wear or spend the full amount on it.
    • Try on Different Sizes:  Remember you will find items from different eras and as time has progressed sizes have changed over time, so a small in 1970, can be a medium now.
    • Look Out for Sales:  Yes…besides the already low prices, some stores will have sales on top.
    • Before you Purchase:  Most stores are final sales and do not accept returns.  Make sure you inspect every item before you go up to the register. Look for: holes, seams, rips, stains, missing buttons, or any other flaws.  Some flaws are fixable and are worth purchasing as is if it is something simple you can fix on your own.
    • Wash all Items:  You want to feel comfortable and sanitary with everything you buy, so make sure you wash everything once or twice before you wear them.


Fely <3

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22 responses to “Thrift Store Shopping”

  1. Oh, I love your shirt! That’s such a good find. There’s so much thrifting in my area that I find it hard to go thrifting. I hear people going to flea markets is also another good place!


  2. Joan Cajic says:

    I used to love thrift store shopping when I was back home but seemed to have stopped doing that yet I know I can find really good gems in those stores. I need to get back on it.

  3. mjchristine says:

    A lot of savings when shopping in thrift stores ad you can really get good stuff there too for a very cheap price! Its one of my hobby to look for some vintage things in thrift store and make it look like new again!

  4. Jenny Thompson says:

    Your style is so cool! I love shopping at my local thrift store. It’s almost a thrill to see what I can find.

  5. That outfit is so cool! I can’t believe you found that at a thrift shop. Thrift shops are so full of treasures and so much fun!

  6. Karlee says:

    Ooh this really has me wanting to go thrift store shopping! You were able to make an amazing outfit! I don’t know that I have the eye for thrift store shopping but I like a challenge!

  7. Jelena says:

    I like your skirt so much! I must check links from your post and find one for myself!

  8. Dian says:

    We looove thrift shops… even if you are not looking for something and just enter to check out you can go out with a lot of really cheap stuff 🙂

  9. All my favorite clothes came from a thrift store! It’s a great way to find a brand you would never normally buy!

  10. Ingrid says:

    You look good in those clothes. No one could guess they came from a thrift store. Perhaps I should start checking out thrift stores. I know in Manhattan that is what a lot of people do

  11. Johnny says:

    Just went thrift shopping with my girlfriend for the first time in ages. I forgot how many gems you can find. Definitely agree with tip – Wash all Items.

  12. These nude sandals are to die for. Great photos, great article.
    Xo, Marina /

  13. Alexine says:

    Oh I super love your top it’s perfectly merged by the colors of your top and shirt and your nude sandals as well. Lovely tips at the end as well, I usually do wash the clothes that I buy before using them but I heard some people don’t and I really find it bizarre. I love your attire all in all! you look pretty fabulous!

  14. Deb Dutta says:

    Totally love a good deal! And you look so fabulous!!

  15. Jen Walker says:

    These are great suggestions when thrift store hunting! I had a great one where I used to live that I would visit on occasion, and I miss it so much!

  16. Wynne says:

    damn girl. You are good at shopping, I wouldn’t have been able to pull off together such a wonderful outfit.

  17. Ariel says:

    Thrift store shopping is great if you can actually find things. Each time I have gone I have found nothing, but it also requires time and patience! Each of your outfits you found are stunning and cute!

  18. Amber S. says:

    Oh wow! Such a great outfit, and you look amazing in it! I would have never guessed it came from a thrift store. I see so many people finding great pieces thrifting; I need to get on board!

  19. Savannah Pham says:

    Love thrift shopping – I always find unexpected things! People really ought to get on board with thrift shopping.

  20. suresh lukhi says:

    This article important and really good the for me is.Amazing write-up,Great article. Thanks!

  21. MONNKA says:

    I`m inlove with your nude sandals!

  22. I loved the outfit from the moment you first showed it to me.

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