Top 5 Neutrogena Must-Haves

Neutrogena has been by my side ever since I can remember starting wearing makeup. Why because it was a brand I trusted to take care of not only my skin but most importantly being a broke college student, it was a brand that was affordable as well. So as you can imagine, over the years I have accumulated a few favorites that are always my ride or die products I always turn to.

So on top of being a broke college student at the time, I also had a lot of stress which translated into a lot of breakouts.  I have suffered from acne from a very young age and still today I suffer from breakouts as an adult.  For that reason their Skin Clearing line has always been in my collection.  My all time favorite powder of life has always been the Skin Clearing Mineral Powder.  Can’t even tell you how many years I’ve used this powder.  This product is one that really made an impact on my skin because not only did it help me cover some of the acne but at the same time it helped diminish it.  It was the only oil free powder known to me to help me treat and prevent breakouts without clogging my pores.  Feeling good about myself with or without makeup is so important to me.  So over the years I continued using this powder and as time went by my skin started to get #NeverBetter.  I love the skin I am in now, perfect or not.

    As you know I am a mom on the go and there are times I will look like a hot mess so I try to carry the essentials with me at all times.  As I have mentioned, I am a strong believer in feeling good in your own skin, with or without makeup.  It is important to do what makes you feel never better about yourself every day.  For me makeup gives me that boost of energy to go on with my day.  Feeling somewhat put together gives me a little more confidence to conquer my day.  Of course there are those days where I am running out the door and rely on these few items to pick me up on my way out.  So here are a few must have items to have in your bag to make you feel and look #NeverBetter.

1. Moisture Shine Lip Soother:  Where has this product been all my life!  This is one item I just recently discovered because my lips felt like very dry leather, to give you a good description.  This contains a cooling hydragel which feels really nice on the lips and also contains sunscreen SPF 20 which was a nice addition.  Unlike other shines out there this one in particular is not sticky which is something I really appreciate, just gives your lips a little shine.  My lips have been #NeverBetter now that I use this.  They feel soft and supple; and look healthy which is the most important thing.

2. Norwegian Formula Hand Cream: I am one to always have ashy dry hands during the fall and winter time.  This hand cream makes my hands during this time #NeverBetter.  They keep my hands looking ash free and they really keep them moist for a long time.

3.  Healthy Skin Blends Blush: I feel like blush just gives me that little pick me up if I re-aply powder to my face so I always try to carry this with me.  I especially love this one because I feel like I cant overdue it, it just gives it that little natural pop of color to my cheeks and makes me look #NeverBetter.

4.  Healthy Volume Mascara:  I have very little and straight lashes, so without mascara I feel like my eyes are not complete.  I really love a mascara that can give me that volume my lashes need.  This mascara makes them look fuller and longer at the same time.

I now feel #NeverBetter in my own skin. I love who I’ve become and when you achieve that, everything changes.  I’ve learned that the more I love myself, the more powerful & confident I become.



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22 responses to “Top 5 Neutrogena Must-Haves”

  1. Neutrogena is one of those tried and true products that have been around for years. Kinda like Noxema! I have used their skincare products, but I’ve never tried any of their lotions or makeup! Since I’m always looking for new products to try, I love posts like this! Thanks for sharing the info!

  2. The Norwegian Hand Formula is SO good! I’ve been using it for years – in fact, I’ve been using Neutrogena for years and I absolutely love their products.

  3. Erin Kay says:

    Love Neutrogena! That Norwegian hand cream and the lip care is so good! Cute photos with your daughter! 🙂

  4. Sondra Barker says:

    Neurtogena has always been a staple in my skin regimine. I love these products.

  5. Dee Jackson says:

    These are all great choices. I like their skin cremes.

  6. Miljana says:

    Wow, you both look gorgeous! I’ve never tried Neutrogena, but it seems awesome.

  7. maritza baez says:

    thsi brand is so robust and useful for the whole family. i love your photos!

  8. Elizabeth L says:

    I am going to have to try some of these products. I have used a few before but these ones look fantastic.

  9. dogmomseanna says:

    i like their skincare more than the make up honestly! but i always love trying new things so maybe ill dip my toe in the water again with these!

  10. Dana Peller says:

    I love that you’re teaching your little one about the importance of skincare through Neutrogena. And yes, mascara is always a must!

  11. Ari says:

    Aww how cute is this mommy daughter make up session? These products all sounds great. I’ll have to check some of them out.

  12. Aashima says:

    Neutrogena is a great brand, I love its skincare products. Will check out the lip shine and hand cream from your list.

  13. I really thought this list nailed it. Everything you will ever need is here.

  14. I’ve used nitrogen before but all of the older products. I will look into these newer ones. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I have to try the lip product asap, and pick up another bottle of the hand cream.

  16. diana says:

    I was looking recently to buy something similar. Neutrogena seems to be a great choice. Thanks for the idea!

  17. Nina says:

    I have actually used that mineral powder before. I remember really liking it. It really evened my skin out!

  18. I love Neutrogena products, I have been using them since I was a teenager! How cute is she helping you by the way?

  19. Emily says:

    Neutrogena products have been tried and tested. Great list you have there. I love the photos too. 🙂

  20. Valerie says:

    I love neutrogena ! i did not know they had hand cream ! i am definetely going to buy it because ive tried lotws of hand lotions in the market and my hands are still dry ! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Lisa says:

    I really love Neutrogena I have used it for years. I just love the way it leaves my skin feeling.

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