Trail Mix On The Go With GoMacro Macrobars

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School is just starting for many of us whether we ourselves attend, or take our children to school.  As we all know time is precious, especially in the morning and if you are anything like myself breakfast is a must.  As they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I truly believe in that.  Not only does it help your metabolism but it also provides you with the energy to stay focus at school or work.

If you are anything like me skipping breakfast also affects my mood.  Yes hangry is a real thing.  I am slowly getting used to our new schedule here in this household.  The morning rush is real and getting two little active girls ready in the morning is a struggle.  Therefore it doesn’t leave me enough time to get breakfast ready for myself.  Boy did I struggle the first couple days of school when I left the house with an empty stomach.  Of course I came back and made breakfast but I just felt horrible by the time I got back home.

I really didn’t want a heavy snack but rather something light enough but still somewhat filling.  If you know me you know I rely on GoMacro Macrobars to get me through times of hunger.  So I thought why not build something around these amazing bars.  If you are not familiar with GoMacro bars you are missing out.  They are certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, non GMO verified, and so much more.  One of the reasons I fell in love with these bars was the fact that they don’t taste like artificial sugar or anything for that matter.  They are truly tasty and every bar taste like they are described on the package.

Recently they came out with two new flavors, one being oatmeal chocolate chip.  It has seriously become one of my favorites and have to add these two new flavors are also nut-free!  So how perfect is this flavor for an early morning snack.  I decided to create some trail mix of my own using these bars.  Of course you can add whatever you like to your bags, I just wanted a mix of sweet and salty for my bags.


  • GoMacro Macrobar
  • banana chips
  • coconut chocolate clusters
  • sunflower seeds
  • dried mango
  • dried cranberries
  • pistachios

There is really no wrong or right way of making these, just really add what you like.  I cut the GoMacro bar into little pieces to make it easier to eat and used half of one in each bag.  These are super easy to make and are a total lifesaver as a on the go snack.  I make these in a big batch and have them ready in the pantry for the week.  Truly an amazing filling snack.

What is your on the go snack?



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  1. This is so easy to make and looks so good! I will have to try this since I’m always on the go during the week.

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