Transitioning To Fall Fashion

Fall is officially here!  Well in theory for some of us because it is still so hot in Southern California.  Most of the time our mornings are so cold but as the day goes by it gets so warm.  We get to enjoy summer a little longer than most you can say.  So we can still use our summer clothes in the fall by just adding some fall season staples or trends.

Here I decided to use this Rachel Roy short dress, with long sleeves but in order to transform it more into a fall piece I added a fall hat, fringe purse and some velvet mule shoes.  Velvet was seen all over the runway for fall and it is the perfect touch to bring your outfit on trend.  Nothing says fall like a hat, so adding a hat will just make your look more chic and stylish.

The morning was very chilly so I did have some tights on under this dress because the material is a little thin.  It is great to be able to layer pieces and have the option to take them off as the weather progresses throughout the day.  So don’t be afraid to add a furry vest or leggings for that added warmth.




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14 responses to “Transitioning To Fall Fashion”

  1. I love the dress! It is so pretty.

  2. Diana says:

    Cannot wait for fall clothes! Right now it’s boiling hot outside ☹️

  3. Sangeetha says:

    That is such a pretty dress

  4. mily jain says:

    Loved the fringe bag! Such boho vibes from the pictures.

  5. Myrah Duque says:

    Besides Spring, Fall is my next favorite season. It means, fashion. Time to wear the boots, the coats! You are sure ready. Love your style!

  6. Danay says:

    I’m loving the Rachel Roy dress! I’m so excited about fall, you don’t even know!

  7. Fall fashion is my favorite! I’ve been looking for a dress like that. Do you think a belt would go with it?

  8. Erica Q says:

    That purse is absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to dress for fall. I’m in Texas so I have awhile before I can wear a sweater.

  9. Such a pretty dress and the bag is superb

  10. Kanika says:

    The bag and that hat complements your look beautifully…

  11. Soumita Saha says:

    Adorable ! The dress is so pretty .Loving the way you’ve styled it… simple yet elegant

  12. Charlie says:

    This dress is so beautiful! I love transition pieces like this, and the way you styled this is so cute!

  13. Oh, I love your hat! I need to get one myself to help me transition into fall!


  14. I love your entire outfit. You inspire me to be more adventurous in my style. You look so free and balanced!

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