What Makeup To Buy Beginners

What makeup should you buy your teenager when she ask you for permission?  As hard as we want to keep them our babies and say no, we all know we must cut that cord at one point.  If you are here that most than likely means you are at that point.  Most teenagers will do what they want so it is best to show them the right way.  Personally I was raised by a very strict mother.  She did not allow me to wear makeup but I did anyways, once I got to school.  Trust me I was as good girl as you can get but I still wanted to play with makeup.  I did not go crazy with what I wore but did the basic natural shadow and lipstick; things I could wipe off before I got home.  The way I see it is, it is best to show them the right way of doing things then having them using the wrong products or overdoing their look for their age.

I may not have teenagers yet(see what I think about allowing my girls to wear makeup here) but I know what I went through not having the guidance and also blessed on having a handful of nieces that are going through this stage. Here are some makeup tips and recommendations for the teenager in your life.

Moisturizer: Start them off on the right track by teaching them how to take care of their skin from the beginning.  We all know going through the teenage stage is not easy and having issues such as acne is hard to deal with.  Taking care of their skin is better than trying to cover up with tons of makeup.  Finding the right moisturizer is important to balance out their skin.  Take a look at their skin and see do they have dry, oily, or combination skin?  Knowing this will allow you to pick a good moisturizer to fit their needs and allow them to have better skin.

Eye shadow:  Earthy tones are the best option to a natural look if that is what the desire look is.  Browns, tans, and golden tones will give that look of wearing makeup but keeping it natural.

Mascara:  We all love long full lashes right?  So know what they need in terms of volume, separation, or the need for longer looking lashes.

Brows:  Brows shape your face and a nice natural fill will just bring in the look together.

Concealer:  This is really important especially if acne is involved.  Remember we do not want to add foundation to a popped pimple to avoid infection and also to keep your makeup free of germs.  There are color correcting concealers that will help with things such as redness and such.  My previous post on my top 3 favorite concealers(click here) will help pick out which is best depending on the needs of your teenager.

Foundation/Powder:  In all honesty I would avoid foundation if possible, it will make the look heavier and can clog more pores if there is not a good removal routine established(click here).  If there is a need to coverage then I would suggest a powder and this is much easier for them to carry in their bag to freshen/touch-up throughout the day.  At the most I would recommend a tinted moisturizer to give you just the most minimal sheer coverage.

Blush:  If foundation or powder is worn, your teenagers face might look a little washed out.  A nice natural blush will add a little color to their face.  I do thing that this is an extra if no foundation or powder is worn.

Eye Liner:  Liner will make the look dramatic.  Remember staying natural is what we want but on special occasions it is okay to go all out.

Lipstick:  This is where you can let them play around a little if they are keeping the eye look natural.  A cute pinkish/nude you can never go wrong with.

Not all these items are necessary all at once.  Let them play with a few and see what they feel comfortable with.  We all want their natural beauty to come out at the end.



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19 responses to “What Makeup To Buy Beginners”

  1. Danay says:

    This is such a great breakdown. I wish there was something like this when I was a young girl. I could have used the guidance. Heck, I still need it in my 40s!

  2. ryla rose says:

    I own alot of these products and agree with you 100%, I only wish that something like this was around when I started doing my makeup (2008) maybe then I would never had looked like a clown. even now this still would help me, I don’t use Moisturizer cause I never though it was important but now, I am going to buy one.

  3. I love this! I remember that no one ever taught me about makeup so ended up learning about it myself! There were seriously some mistakes made so I wished I had this guidance when I was younger!

  4. I love you started with emphasizing on skincare! I don’t think that’s talked as much until you’re older, but I believe starting out young is much better!



  5. Mily Jain says:

    I feel that newbies should invest more on foundations and concealers than eyeliners or lipsticks !

  6. Hayley Beth says:

    I remember my mum bought be bright green Miss sporty eyeshadow and wondered why I was bullied for it! This is great for teenagers to read!

  7. Diana says:

    Mosturizer is key! Super necessary to make sure everything sits beautifully on top! Honestly though, I go natural 99% of the time…

  8. My mom also didn’t let me wear makeup when I was a teenager but I fooled around with it anyway. But the problem about not learning anything is sometimes teenage girls end up wearing clown faces instead of a flattering look. I’m definitely going to teach my daughter about skin care and makeup when she’s a teen. I’m not against her wearing makeup. This is a great starter kit you have listed here. In ten years, I’ll be gifting this for her quinceanera birthday!

  9. You know, I am 40 years old and I just recently started to wear make up. I am very grateful for all this information because all the options are overwhelming out there. Thank you!

  10. The kat von d palette is a must for me.

  11. Erica Q says:

    Great tips! I especially love your eyeshadow recommendation.

  12. TRISHA says:

    Hi, very good article
    Thanks for sharing keep up the work

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