What To Wear To A Conference

Conferences can be an exciting event for bloggers but knowing what to wear can be a little tricky if it is your first time attending.  I have been to numerous conferences and have seen it all.  There are a huge range of styles and everyone makes there own unique touches to make themselves stand out.  You want to dress for the event you go to and want to look and feel your best the whole time you are there.

Things to take into consideration are; is it an inside or outside event, what temperature will it be, what type of event it will be, or does the conference have a dress code they would like for you to follow. Most conferences call for business casual but you determine your personal style.  Take into consideration what your blog represents.  Try to find out what type of sessions will you be attending and try to dress accordingly.  Make sure you take into consideration how many days you need to pack for as well.

One way to make it easier on you is coordinating an outfit for each day so you know exactly what you are going to wear each day.    Or the second option is just taking many pieces and putting them together each day.  Make sure each outfit represent you and make sure you feel 100% comfortable in it as it will give a push of confidence when you feel good about yourself.

Here are a few tips to get you ready to make the most out of your conference attire.

Accessories:  This is the best way of changing up your wardrobe using staple pieces from your closet.  Just adding a statement necklace to any outfit can take it from day to night.  So think necklaces, scarf, belts, purses, anything that will allow you to play with your wardrobe.

Attire: Suits are a great staple to make you look sharp.  These never go out of style and you can mix and match pieces to make it more casual.

The little black dress:  you can dress this up, you can dress this down, it is just so versatile.  Using different accessories will make your dress look different every time and no one will ever wonder if it is the same dress.

Jeans:  If you are opting for comfy jeans, make sure they are a dark denim.  Jeans can look very casual if you use a light color but having a dark color will fade the fact that you are wearing jeans.  Although jeans can be a little tricky to style, using a nice high heal will make your look very chic and stylish.  Also combing it with a cute blazer will make your look more professional.

Shoes:  a nude shoe is a must and so versatile.  Depending on your outfits three shoes that are a must for me are a pair of flats in black and/or nude, high heels, and a cute stylish sandal.  This will allow you to mix and style with all your outfits.  If you are taking high heels make sure it is a thicker heel and on the shorter scale.  You do not want your heel getting stuck if you have to cross a grassy area.  Also, this is not the time to break in new shoes, trust me on this one.

Coats:  These are very dependent on the location of your conference.  Check out what the weather forecast says and plan according to that.  Also, take into consideration if breakout sessions are in air-conditioned rooms then it might get a little chilly so, always carry a light cover up just in case.

For Men: Dark color denim or slacks with a button down shirt, will look very presentable.  Tie not required in most cases but depending on the conference, you might take one or two just in case as well.

Remember, it is smart to dress sharp as they say.  More than likely PR representatives are usually at these events and if you were to be interviewed about your business or blog, you need to look presentable at all times.  As excited as we are to learn and meet others, what we wear can leave a lasting impression on someone you meet.  So try to put your best self out there from the inside out.  Conferences are a place to get yourself out there and meet other like minded individuals and finding ways to work together.  Therefore, you want to represent your business in a positive way so that others know you mean business when you present yourself.



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14 responses to “What To Wear To A Conference”

  1. Soumita Saha says:

    You have great style sense .. love the way you have styled

  2. Kanika says:

    Love the pictures here…

  3. Sangeetha says:

    You slayed it Girl, love the styling and choice of colors and accessories

  4. I love the shoes you are wearing! All the tips are definitely useful.

  5. Love the outfit so much!

  6. Mily Jain says:

    I loved the brown jacket..you have an amazing style!

  7. Dipti says:

    Loved your laid back style! 🙂 I always have a hard time paring my tops and jeans, forget about jackets! :'( gotta follow your blog for more style inspiration ❤

  8. I loved your tips… thanks for sharing

  9. Oh, I love the white and black top you’re wearing in this post! Also wonderful tips as always!


  10. Danay says:

    Great post! My go-to are jeans and blazers. I take several and mix and match as well as a dress. I also usually stick to flat shoes. And I agree with you on not breaking in new shoes. I made that mistake at my first conference and paid dearly for it.

  11. Alex Tabar says:

    Great post! I’m pinning it to my “Dress for Success” Board on Pinterest 😉

  12. MashaB says:

    Que guapa y profesional luces.
    Lo importante es verte clásica, juvenil sobre todo estar cómoda

  13. Oscar says:

    Great tips, suits are never a bad choice at a conference. You never know who you’re going to meet, so you might as well dress to impress.

  14. Diana says:

    Gorgeous! I love how you mix pieces that I would never think of!

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